Tony Danza is a dick! I'll teach Danza to be a dick to strangers at a bar!


Danza’s an icon?

Posted by Don't Like Danza

My favorite quotes:

  • "What do you want from me, I'm an icon?"
  • "I've made it, I'm a sex act."
  • "By the way, I have a band named after me too."
  • "The Sicilian thing is I'm gonna kill the guy who put that cup there. Are you kidding me? What is that?"

You can see the full interview on YouTube, I just cut out my favorite part. I love how he gets pissed off for spilling something on himself, and then is angry that a talk show put a glass of water next to their guests. What assholes! Why would you give your guests water? Fucking amateurs.

Imagine my joy, immediately following that clip Tony did some terrible acting and pretended not to be excited to have a sex act, where you punch a woman in the head, named after him. Tony Danza is surely one of the classiest actors around.

On another note, did anyone see this week's Big Bang Theory? Typical example of art imitating life. Sheldon runs into Wil Wheaton, his arch-nemesis, in a bowling alley. Much like I ran into Danza in a bowling alley. Then, Sheldon tells Wheaton that he owns, .net, and .org. Much like I told everyone I met, after meeting Danza, to check out Warner Brothers bought those domains and is doing nothing with them, however a fan has some variations:

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Tony Danza, the Urban Dictionary term

Posted by Don't Like Danza

After arriving home drunk on Saturday night, the first thing I did was take off my pants. Shortly after that I was purchasing this domain, installing WordPress, and drafting the first entry. While "researching" Tony Danza I found this gem. Google Tony Danza, and you'll see results in this order:

  1. Image Results Blurb
  2. The Wikipedia Article
  3. The IMDB Entry
  4. The Urban Dictionary term

Urban Dictionary, eh? What could a "Tony Danza" possibly be? There are 15 entries, and 11 of them roughly describe the same sexual act. Here's the highest ranked entry:

Classic. It get's better though. Today I was browsing Facebook's Tony Danza related groups, profiles, and fan pages. The offerings are pretty lame. However, I'd like to share two fan pages with you:

The pages may look identical, but notice the personal info AND the number of fans. Tony Danza, the actor, has 612 fans at the moment, while Tony Danza, the donkey punch variation, has 942 fans right now. You might be thinking I've picked two pages to suit my purposes, but search Facebook yourself! In fact, the only Tony Danza related page beating the donkey punch is the page for "The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza", which is an "American experimental metal band, based out of Murfreesboro, Tennessee" according to Wikipedia.

So there you have it folks, more people are fans of punching women in the head while having sex then they are of the "actual" Tony Danza.

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