Tony Danza is a dick! I'll teach Danza to be a dick to strangers at a bar!


We love Yahoo? and Tony Danza smells!

Posted by Don't Like Danza

I was looking at the site stats and saw some odd searches the site has shown up in. Most of the hits we've gotten from search engines have been for things I'd expect:

  • tony danza is a dick
  • tony danza is an asshole
  • danza is an asshole
  • tony danza an asshole

As I find more stories of Tony being a dick to people (added more to Danza Stories today!), I'm not surprised people search for these terms. I'm happy some have found their way here.

We've also been listed in the results for searches like:

  • tony danza
  • smelly dick
  • tony danza cock pic

I was excited to see hits coming directly from searches for Tony Danza. I went through the first 25 pages of results for Tony Danza on Google and we weren't there. Then I checked Bing, still nothing. Then I tried Yahoo:

That's right, we were the 11th result for the search "Tony Danza" on Yahoo. If you watch carefully, you'll notice you never see Daily Danza, his official website. was ranked higher than Tony Danza's official website!

I checked again and we've dropped to page 8, I think it was because A&E just announced their pitiful fall lineup, where Danza fits in with the other losers. Losers like David Hasselhoff and Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Click for naked Tony Danaza

Yahoo is also where we came up in a search for "smelly dick", although I'm not sure why. It does makes sense though, if you've searched for his "cock pic", you'd see that he is uncircumcised. Which probably means that he has tons of stinky dick cheese. Gross. Stinky dick cheese.

Another reason Tony Danza smells like Bigfoot's dick is the lack of deodorant. That's right, Tony Danza is too cool for deodorant. Jump to a minute in during his interview on the Daily Show, and you'll see him admit to not wearing deodorant. Seriously, who the fuck doesn't wear deodorant?

The final argument I'll put forth, for now, on why Danza must smell like Sex Panther, is the fact that at his age, he probably can't control his bodily functions too well. If you check out this picture, it certainly looks like he's pissed himself a little bit:

Did Danza piss himself?

I'll wrap up this post by embarrassingly and delightfully admitting that "Love To Kill" has arrived from Netflix, and "Don't Fill up on the Antipasto" has been delivered from Amazon. It's also worth mentioning that prices for the book, used on Amazon, have plummeted 75%, from 4 cents to 1 cent. That's right, you can get this terrible fucking cook book for a penny.

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